Sunday, 4 December 2011

You're the apple of my eye

People around me said that this movie is very very nice and meaningful. Well, I downloaded it and I'm watching it right now, to me, I don't feel that it's very nice but some of the part is quite funny.. I found out my netbook is super duper hot when I'm watching the movie, so I checked the temperature of my processor. Here is the photo, first time reach this kind of temperature WITH cooler.
amazing temperature. can fry eggs !


  1. 你不觉得很遗憾咩。。。男女主角没在一起 :'(

  2. 没怎样吧。。这就是人生吗。。。 我觉得这套戏的codec弄到我电脑decode到很热。哈哈。。