Friday, 16 December 2011

2 step verification for google account

Time after time, we know that google is getting more and more online application on the internet, long long time ago, google is only a search engine, a huge database, in the old ages, yahoo is much more famous than google, i still can remember that last time i'll go to instead of
but now is already my home page, how many times i access to per day? It's uncountable. I guess I accesss to google is more than my own blog.
Okay now get to the point.
 I saw BLOGGER blog had been hacked by dex-crew. and the victim is HERE.
As the hacker mentioned in the blog, owner use same password for all of the account
If you have 2 step verification , that won't be a problem.
We know that google is getting bigger and bigger, google docs, youtube, blogger, you can access it by using your google account, so you SHOULD set up 2 step verification for your own good.
This is how does it look like when you login your account, even if someone got your password, they still need the code that send to your phone !
Unless they can get your phone? :)
 You can just turn on 2 step verification in your google profile.
Hope this is useful to you all.


  1. nice share bro.. da buat.. thanks.. nnti sy share entri ni..err ada word verificarion..kasi ilang bro.. word verification.. bru senang blogger lain drop comment

  2. Done, i've removed the word verification.