Friday, 9 December 2011 is a bidding website.
how does it work?
First of all you need to register an account, after that you need to buy token, 
one token cost RM1.50, token is not refundable
after that you can start to bid the things you want, each bid require 1 token and the price of item will increase 5cent-15cent. Once the click bid, the timer will increase 20second, if no one else bid the item in 20s, the item will belong to yours, so you have to pay the price and delivery charge.
I just found out this website yesterday, 
not to say easy to bid, but have to depend on your luck and your bidding strategy,
galaxy note sold at RM4x.xx.. Unbelievable but they spent a lot of token to bid that one. 
But the money you spend on bidding will be lower than the actual price of th item. 
Click HERE if you want to try about it.

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