Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Back to Blog.

Been a long time I didn't update my blog, neglected my blog for quite a long time because of busy with some other stuff.
Well Hello to all of my readers, I just sat for my MUET speaking test today, the topic isn't hard as I thought but I am not satisfy with my own performance, maybe a little too nervous.
The topic was which party is the best to prevent obesity among schoolchildren, Parents, School, Friends, and Mass Media.
Nothing much to write about the MUET speaking test, but good luck to everyone who're taking the test tomorrow and the coming days.
Anyway I found out something new when I was surfing net today, I was thinking to modify something on the laptop but it might void the warranty from manufacturer because need to solder the wire, so I did some research in the internet for hours, in the end I found out that there is one kind of special glue, it called 'wire glue', you can get it from Ebay, only cost around 6USD or 5.xx USD, it's cheap but I not sure whether it's available in Malaysia or not, why do they call it wire glue? because this glue is conductor product, mix with carbon, can use to repair most of the wires but not suitable for high current equipment.
That's all for today and will start to blog again !
See you guys,
Good night.