Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas is COMING !!!

you guys should try it too! 
go to and search 'let it snow'
and wait for 30seconds, you will see the same thing as the picture.

eBuddy XMS for Nokia N9, will it come for N900?

eBuddy XMS had release a version for Nokia N9, meego harmattan.
XMS is apps that alike whatsapp. Function is almost the same.
But it's totally free and also able to send from computer.
XMS for N9 is QT-based, N900 support QT based too.
Wondering this news is making me happy or disappoint.
Will it release for N900? Nobody know.
But well, it's a good news for N9 users ! :D

Earn money online with churpchurp

had used churpchurp for 3 or 4 days, I can't really recall 3 or 4 days. 
 Well it's much more better than nuffnang.
although it work with unique click only but you can share it on your facebook, twitter.
I've used nuffnang for month, only get Rm10.
This one get RM8.20 just 3 or 4 days.
 You can invite your friends after you register,
you can get RM1/sign up !
Click HERE if you wish to sign up

Friday, 16 December 2011

almost 3am, I'm having weird feeling, weird mood, don't feel like sleeping, although I'm tired, I don't know whats the reason. I bet it's something undefine. Have to busy with a lot of stuff in these coming weeks. Wanted to continue something that I had mention just now, about two step verification.
 My google account is very important to me, my google account has youtube, blogger, gmail, google docs, etc etc.. Nowadays google have more and more online application which bring us a lot of convenience, we can view and edit document files on google document, even prepare presentation slide by using google docs. Google account is getting more and more important. I'm strongly recommended you guys to activate two step verification for your account to avoid any loss.

2 step verification for google account

Time after time, we know that google is getting more and more online application on the internet, long long time ago, google is only a search engine, a huge database, in the old ages, yahoo is much more famous than google, i still can remember that last time i'll go to instead of
but now is already my home page, how many times i access to per day? It's uncountable. I guess I accesss to google is more than my own blog.
Okay now get to the point.
 I saw BLOGGER blog had been hacked by dex-crew. and the victim is HERE.
As the hacker mentioned in the blog, owner use same password for all of the account
If you have 2 step verification , that won't be a problem.
We know that google is getting bigger and bigger, google docs, youtube, blogger, you can access it by using your google account, so you SHOULD set up 2 step verification for your own good.
This is how does it look like when you login your account, even if someone got your password, they still need the code that send to your phone !
Unless they can get your phone? :)
 You can just turn on 2 step verification in your google profile.
Hope this is useful to you all.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tiring Day

I involved in business management project, me and my group mates are selling ice creams, we bought 90L of ice cream from nestle and also rent the freezer from nestle company. We will sell business for 3 days. Group project should be something fun and can get friends closer to each other cause we could spent longer time to be together.
But it's really damn tiring, CEO isn't a good planner, raining day still want to waste our time and sell ice creams, who wants to eat ice cream on raining? except me myself. :S
Got headache everyday after business project, bunch of assignment have to pass up, so damn a lot of due date.
On these days, I eat at least one ice cream a day
Super tiring,.
That's all for today.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Testing Ubuntu 11.10

installing update in ubuntu
Ubuntu 11.10 start up
The previous time I used ubuntu is damn long ago, I think when I was in primary school or secondary school, at least 4 years ago. Ubuntu had changed a lot time after time, it became much more nicer, with a lot of effects, I can say that it's much prettier and cool than windows 7 if you know how to customize it. 
This video show you how to make the cube desktop in ubuntu.
This cube desktop is very very long ago, since the older version of ubuntu.
Ubuntu 11.10 is very very easy to use, good graphic user interface, come with software center, don't have to stress or worried about where to find software for ubuntu, and of course the most important thing to me is xterm, you can do all the things in xterm. copy files, remove files, go to specific directory, install stuff, etc.

I installed my ubuntu by using wubi, which is an exe file, just download and double click in your windows7 ,vista, xp and it will run, and make virtual partition, download and install. It's extremely easy and you can choose between windows or ubuntu everytime you start up your computer.
Other than that, if you wanted to delete ubuntu, you can just boot into your windows platform, go to control panel > add or remove software / uninstall a program > look for wubi and delete it.

Ubuntu is getting more and more popular, 2 years ago, computer in French police station had changed to Ubuntu and said saved millions of euro by adopting ubuntu. here is the LINK .

How to define a good progam or software?

I'm still a newbie in programming stuff. I'm not an expert of programming, currently I'm doing the physic project, I did mentioned it in previous post with screenshot, I need to meet my lecturer got 3 times before we submit the program, first time done, 2nd time, was few days ago, he cancel our lecture class and said change it to meeting for that assignment, the meeting suppose to be 8-10am, I arrive at 8.30am, he is still not there, my friend called him, he is still sleeping, what a good lecturer I have.

That isn't important, me and my groupmate show the program to count the resistor of the circuit, the question of the assignment stated, the program must be user friendly, nice user interface and working.

Our program isn't 100% working yet, still got some bug, but he said, our program is too many lines, this is an simple application, that's mean our program is not efficient, this is the feedback I got from him. I was thinking, what do he want from me? Less line, sucks UI, or more lines, nicer UI? I understand, a programmer can use less line to create a  program is efficient, but what he mentioned to us is both difference thing, totally difference, how to compare? The worst thing is, he got 0 knowledge in programming..


A little changes of my blog

I've joined Churp Churp, you can see the images on the right side of the blog to click,
that is ChurpChurp, I read someone else blog and they did mention that churpchurp brings more rewards compare to nuffnang and it's nuffnang's company.
You can put it at a lot of places , share at facebook, twitter, blog, yahoo messenger, msn, etc etc
It pay with per unique click, I've changed my shoutbox code, that will cause pop out for churpchurp
special thanks to P0L5K4H4CkR3w , he taught me how to do that and his blog has a lot of tutorial about coding, it's suitable for all of the new blogger :D

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Microsoft's Bing Map

Well, here is a video of TED talk I would like to share with you guys.
This speech is given by Blaise Aguera y Arcas (creator of PhotoSynth, founder of Seadragon and now Architect of Bing Maps)
Here shows how awesome can an online map be.
PS: Google map could do the same thing too but I've no idea which maps have better database for photos.

N9 VS Lumia 800

N9 and Lumia 800 are already in the market, I bet a lot of fans are trying to look for review or comparing both of the phone. Well, I'm not N9 or Lumia 800 owner, I'm N900 owner. I'll just compare it base on my knowledge or whatever I know.
First of all, N9 is running on a all new operating system which is Meego Harmattan, special for N9 and it's difference from the other meego, it work with swipe, buttonless, that's the special point of harmattan.
I tried to play with N9 in Nokia shop, It's pretty smooth.
Lumia 800, using Window mobile 7.5 platform, it's a new OS, but at least, before this there are some older version of windows mobile, their technology and development will be better than meego.
So my conclusion is,
If you're an ordinary handphone user, I suggest you to take Lumia 800,
If you're someone who like to explore, who like to try new things, you can try Nokia N9, it can flash to custom kernel, I not sure is there any custom kernel on the internet now, but phone with custom kernel you can do a lot of things, n900 with custom kernel can overclock, install android, install meego, kubuntu, backtrack5.
Before this I did posted Ubuntu Mobile Concept
This is swipe and buttonless design, but it's still concept, haven't start to develop, If this OS start to develop, I believe the first device they gonna try on is nokia n9.
Choose the right phone for yourself, if you like apps, like whatsapp or some other stuff, Window mobile will be your choice.

Asus SmartLogon

Well, it isn't a new technology, I bet most of you have see this kind of thing before, what I would like to share with you all is , it can even install on your netbook, as long as it's under asus, I tried on asus eee pc 1015B, because this software only pre-install in the high end laptop, well, it does work for me, try to get yours! 
For those who're not using asus laptop, I saw a related post in a forum, there is a freeware call banana_screen.121.msi. This is the file name, you guys can try to get it for yourself, can login with face recognition, some people might think that face recognition just crap, well, it just cool, not that 100% useful, unless you can set it only for face recog, and no password input. that would be much more better and even more private ! :)

Gmail Notifier For Mozilla firefox add-on

Well, I've set my google account to the highest security setting, I've set up two step verification to login my account, that's mean, even through someone could have my email address and password, he or she still need to have my phone, to get the verification code whenever he/she wants to login my account. Last time I did set push email in my phone, so that I can get notification anytime, but it doesn't work with 2 step verification, so I didn't use it anymore, I choose security instead of convenience, and now I found an add-on for firefox which support 2 step verification, but the version of the notifier must be 2.6 and above, it's really work and pretty awesome, would like to share with you guys !
This is the website.
or you can search for gmail checker in the google!

HP to go open source with webOS

I bet people who concern about information technology news and open source news know about HP said that they want to stop develop WebOS tablet and clear all the WebOs Tablet with low price. I forgot about the exact value but I remember that it's quite cheap. And now HP announce that they will continue contribute for the WebOS, it's a good news for those who're more into open source operating system, hope to see more and more device will use WebOS and also more software on WebOS platform !
WebOS is lucky, open source, give up by HP and now HP is willing to continue contribute for it.
Maemo5, linux based OS, similar to WebOS, capable to run .ipk extension file, imcomplete OS, work on Nokia N900, given up by Nokia and now only develop by developer.


Live coverage will be provided by Slooh on December 10, 2011
click the 'here' above u will transfer to slooh spacecamera website and able to see the count down timer and also the live streaming when lunar eclipse appear later !

Friday, 9 December 2011 is a bidding website.
how does it work?
First of all you need to register an account, after that you need to buy token, 
one token cost RM1.50, token is not refundable
after that you can start to bid the things you want, each bid require 1 token and the price of item will increase 5cent-15cent. Once the click bid, the timer will increase 20second, if no one else bid the item in 20s, the item will belong to yours, so you have to pay the price and delivery charge.
I just found out this website yesterday, 
not to say easy to bid, but have to depend on your luck and your bidding strategy,
galaxy note sold at RM4x.xx.. Unbelievable but they spent a lot of token to bid that one. 
But the money you spend on bidding will be lower than the actual price of th item. 
Click HERE if you want to try about it.

Nokia lumia 800 launch in singapore!

People are waiting in line just want to wait for the nokia lumia 800 ! 
How does Lumia 800 look like? It's same as the nokia n9 and come with an extra camera button!
Here is the photo !
I can't believe that still have this kind of insane nokia fan, willing to line up just to wait for the phone. I though this kind of thing will only happen to apple product. 
I didn't use any window mobile device before, I've no review for the operating system for nokia lumia 800, but I can see that there are a lot of window mobile supporter out there :D

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sunset of the day!

Mr Sun, I can see you !

A&W!! Alamanda ! Hot Wheels!

I went to Alamanda Shopping mall with my friend today. We went there to buy some stuff, but before we get into carrefour, we went to have our lunch, which is A&W, I think I didn't eat A&W for damn long already, at least 4 years. I can't even recall how does the meal taste before I eat.
And this is the first time I go to Alamanda shopping mall after I came to cyberjaya for 6month. 
Alamanda is the one and only shopping complex in cyberajaya and putrajaya !
After I had my lunch. I went to carrefour, wanted to buy something, before I go in, I took a flyer, and the we saw that there are promotion for HOT WHEELS! 
Me and my friend went to check out the hot wheel and each of us bought 3 !
Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
Camero SS 68 and 69
Friend's dodge charger 70 and my camero SS 68 !!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


It's a very very nice talk. Worth you to spend 19mins time of your life to watch this video if you're interested in information technology and something that happen around you and you don't know that ! Hacker can be good or bad, like anonymous, they hack to the website just to prove something or want to against certain government's action.
One of the example is : 
Malaysia government said that want to block all of the file sharing website like megaupload, rapidshare, and etc etc.
By the time Malaysia government said that wanted to block the website, there are a lot of number of government website had been hacked by the anonymous. They didn't do anything much beside distrub the website for few hours.
Why government wants to block these website? What benefit will they gain?

Ubuntu Mobile Project ( UBUNYE )

Ubuntu’s plan for a multi-device presence, to potentially include smartphones, has fired up the imagination of users.
And the community have been quick to stoke their creative talents in mocking up a variety of possible implementations.
Below are three of those community designs that have landed in our inbox over the last week…
Credit to
I really like the design, it has very nice user interface, other than that, it's ubuntu,I hope that it has x-terminal,  if it has, I think my next phone after N900 will be phone with ubuntu mobile OS!

Finished physic exam!

Hello everyone, I just finished my physic exam few hours ago, it's easier than what I expected, but I've no confidence to get very good mark, but it's easier if compare it with previous semester midterm test. I checked my nuffnang visitor right after I got into my room, I'm quite happy, my reader all come from world wide, but most of the reader are Malaysian. For those who wanted to use other language, can translate with the translator I've added on the right side of the blog ! I'm free from TEST !

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I'm having a super headache right now, I will have my exam tomorrow, ELECTRICITY AND BASIC LOGIC. I hate this subject a lot. My mind is still empty right now. Seriously don't know how am I gonna squeeze all the knowledge and formula into my mind in few hours time. Life life life, this is life..

Ainol Novo7

I was quite interested in this tablet when I saw the article on the engadget this morning. tried to do some research in the internet, I was thinking that, 99USD convert to MYR, it worth the money, so I searched around the internet, all of the seller are selling at at least 470MYR, or 500MYR. so I emailed to ainol company, their reply is quite dissappointing.. One buyer can only order one unit, which cost you 99USD and another fee which is shipping fee, that would cost you 60USD, the shipping fee spoilt my mood, damn it, why the hell the shipping fee is that expensive..

Monday, 5 December 2011

Ainol launches the NOVO7, the world's first Android 4.0 tablet, for $100 plus shipping

Just as we were geeking out to the Jaguar 7's Ice Cream Sandwich demo and anxiously awaiting the Transformer Prime, Ingenic and MIPS completely took us by surprise by announcing the Ainol-branded NOVO7, the very first commercially available tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich officially loaded. To be specific, the device isn't brand new -- it's been previously available as a Honeycomb tablet and is now shipping with ICS pre-loaded. It's packing an Ingenic JZ4770 mobile applications processor and 1GHz MIPS-based XBurst CPU, which means this Android 4.0 slab isn't going to be the toughest workhorse in the market. What more would you expect from a $99 tablet?

The Novo7 also comes with a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a Vivante GC860 GPU clocked at 444MHz, 1080p video decoding, rear 2MP camera with VGA front-facing cam, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.3, microSD slot and an endorsement from Andy Rubin himself. If temptation is just too much to overcome, you can head over to the More Coverage link to order one. However, if you'd rather wait a while to save a few bucks in shipping -- it's over half the cost of the tablet itself -- MIPS informed us that it'll be coming to the States and other parts of the world over "the next several months," and 8- and 9-inch versions of the NOVO are in the works as well. Head below for a video and press release. Oh, and existing NOVO7 customers may be wondering why their tablet hasn't received ICS yet; MIPS assured us that there's an upgrade path for those customers as well, though no announcements have been made.

 This is the article I copied from engadget, seems like very very cheap with capacitive touchsscreen, 1Ghz single core with 444mhz GPU. Wonder is that available in Malaysia !

Where they come from?

I saw a 'gang of doggy when I was on my way to class in the morning! I've been here for 5 or 6months, I didn't see any wild dog in campus before. This is the first time  @_@

那些年,我们一起追的女 You are the apple of my eye

Unbelievable . Someone uploaded it to youtube.
Enjoy watching

Cheap Android Tablet

There are so many android tablet out there, from RM 300 - RM 1500 and above, and the upcoming Asus EEE transformer prime, no idea what's the price, using Nvidia Tegra 3, Quad core processor, that's mean QUAD Arm cortex A9. Hardware is extremely strong, same for Acer, they're planning to use Tegra 3 on their new tablet too. Why do you buy tablet? Is that a trend? or you really really need it? do you fully utilize your own tablet? phone? computer? I'll always ask myself a question before I want something, Do I really need it? Why I need it?
If you tell me that, you need tegra3, nice graphic, can play game. I would answer, play game? You can get PSP Vita, Quad core processor, much more better than current version of PSP, no longer play grandpa's generation game. That would be much more better for gaming :D

If you say that, you need it, for web browsing, document.
Why do you need a RM1500 device to surf net and view / edit document? These job doesn't require a super duper fast processor, I bet most of you own a phone, that is able to surf net, view document, android user, you can install document to go or some open office which is free, same for other platform, and also able to view PDF file, what's the reason you want an expensive tablet to view document. You also can use a cheap tablet to do presentation, platform is the same, just that hardware slightly difference.
Expensive tablet come with good camera, if you want to compare about megapixel of the tablet, I can get another 16mp digital camera that 100% beat the tablet camera, more function, better lens and sensor.
The expensive tablet will process files faster, do task faster. But 300 and 1500, 5:1 . Is it really worth the money? I saw one of the android tablet on the internet, it cost rm299, Ram only 512, 4GB storage, capable extend to 32GB. 800mhz processor, 2 x USB 2.0. support USB OTG. You can't insert sim card to the tablet, but you can connect USB Boardband to the USB port, WIFI, OR USB Convert to RJ45, connect to the internet via RJ45 cable.
I'm not the seller of the tablet, I'm just saying my own opinion, things appear in my mind when I saw that tablet.
We're human, we live for ourself, living is not hold a branded tablet and impress the other, we live for ourself, get what you need with a reasonable price :) 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

No title

2011 Pikon PC Fair is Over! Too bad I missed it, didn't attend the PC fair. Another new challenge is coming soon ! 7th of december, electricity and basic logic mid-term test. Went to library early in the morning and study until 4pm just now. I don't think I've learnt anything just now, I don't know what's the reason, not interested in physic? too hard? not motivated? My physic lecturer is a new lecturer, early of the trimester, I feel that he is quite okay, not to say great, but now I feel that he is really really sucks ! He cancel a lot of classes even through mid-term test is coming, most of the lecturer started to revise with their student. and my lecturer did nothing. Maybe some of the people will say that, we should not rely on the lecturer when we're in the university, this is not high school anymore, but I really feel that he is not responsibility. We have assignment, assignment have due date, whenever I email, ask him something that is related to assignment, he will only reply one time, I instantly reply him to ask him another question, then he is gone :S
oh my god I hate it !
well yeah, sorry for posting this kind of stuff! 

You're the apple of my eye

People around me said that this movie is very very nice and meaningful. Well, I downloaded it and I'm watching it right now, to me, I don't feel that it's very nice but some of the part is quite funny.. I found out my netbook is super duper hot when I'm watching the movie, so I checked the temperature of my processor. Here is the photo, first time reach this kind of temperature WITH cooler.
amazing temperature. can fry eggs !

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Today special ! Ancient game!

I like to eat eggs! fried egg, soft boil, hard boil, steam, or whatever, I just like it. Ate 3 soft boil egg in the afternoon for my brunch! This brand is quite cheap, RM5.xx for 10 kampung eggs, kampung means village, kampung eggs is the egg grown at their own house or garden, or wild, not from the chicken in the farm. It taste nicer compare to the eggs from the farm, RM5.xx, size is quite big too ! Worth the money :D, still remember last time I bought 50cent / egg, the size is super tiny.
Game Game of the day
This is diablo 2 ! Just downloaded it today, I was too bored, It's a super old game, but nevermind ! play this while waiting for diablo 3 to release, this game release long time ago, but I don't really know how to play this game.. Tried to figure out how to play this game just now. I bet there are still a lot of people are playing this game, cause the multiplayer mode is awesome. The most attractive thing in games is multiplayer, can play with other player, work together to achieve something. That's is why people like multiplayer game that much.

Another new thing I had installed today!
This is dreamweaver, product of adobe. It's a web design application, the concept of this application is WYSIWYG, it stand for, What You See Is What You Get, had spend couple of mins on trying out this application, it is a licensed product, not freeware, I'm using 30days trial version. I feel this application is pretty user friendly for the newbie like me. At the same time, I remember that microsoft have same type of application, web design application, and also WYSIWYG concept. Recommended for those who wanted to try out web design. :D
Good night everyone, time to sleep. Have to go library tomorrow early in the morning. Sigh, another test on 7th of december, Physic, OMG! I really really hate it.

Friday, 2 December 2011

update of progress of project

this is the program after changed the layout, all of the basic function is already working.
this is the progress of editing the layout! spend lot of time to edit all of the layout.
Any 2010 user here? Maybe we can share our experience :D

Most of the place in Malaysia are having heavy rain, parts of Kajang area had already flooded, went to Kajang to eat Kajang Satay with my friend last night at river side, can see the level of water is very high, if rain continuously for few more hours, I guess that part will flood too, and now I've to bring my clothes to laundry, waste of time, 50mins for washing, 80mins for drying. 130mins. :@

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Does ultra racing help you during collision?

Does it really help? Check it out in the video, he got show his car after crash and show what bar he had installed in the car

The all new transformer prime, for those who're interested can pre-order at asus website!

Is there any tablet that's hotter than the Transformer Prime right now? (Please, don't say the Kindle Fire.) For weeks we geeks, early adopters and people who love their tech toys have been awaiting this, and none too patiently. Make no mistake: this will be one of the slickest products we test this year and it isn't just because the original Transformer had such an inventive design. The Prime is the first device packing NVIDIA's hot-off-the-presses Tegra 3 SoC, making it the world's first quad-core tablet. This comes with promises of longer-than-ever runtime and blazing performance (five times faster than Tegra 2, to be exact), all wrapped in a package measuring just 8.3mm (0.33 inches) thick -- even skinnier than the iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1. Throw in specs like a Super IPS+ Gorilla Glass display, eight megapixel rear camera and a confirmed ICS update in the pipe and even we seen-it-all Engadget editors were drooling.

All of which means we dropped just everything when a 32GB Prime showed up on our doorstep earlier this week, and soon enough, you'll have your chance to nab one too. ASUS announced today that the WiFi-only models will be available through online sellers the week of December 19th, and in retail the week after. (No word yet on 3G versions for the US just yet.) It'll start at $499 for the 32GB model -- not bad considering five hundred bucks is the going rate for a high-end tablet with 16GB of storage. From there you can get a 64GB number for $599, while that signature keyboard dock will set you back a further $149. Worth it?
This article is copied from

Back in December

Today is the first day of december, remind me of this song, :)
Lyric of the song might be meaningful to some of you :)
anyway, it's a nice song!

laughing gor之潛罪犯-官方預告片 / TURNING POINT 2

This awesome drama is coming soon ! 29 of december! I bet all of the TVB fans will get excited when they know about this! Looking forward to it.