Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to define a good progam or software?

I'm still a newbie in programming stuff. I'm not an expert of programming, currently I'm doing the physic project, I did mentioned it in previous post with screenshot, I need to meet my lecturer got 3 times before we submit the program, first time done, 2nd time, was few days ago, he cancel our lecture class and said change it to meeting for that assignment, the meeting suppose to be 8-10am, I arrive at 8.30am, he is still not there, my friend called him, he is still sleeping, what a good lecturer I have.

That isn't important, me and my groupmate show the program to count the resistor of the circuit, the question of the assignment stated, the program must be user friendly, nice user interface and working.

Our program isn't 100% working yet, still got some bug, but he said, our program is too many lines, this is an simple application, that's mean our program is not efficient, this is the feedback I got from him. I was thinking, what do he want from me? Less line, sucks UI, or more lines, nicer UI? I understand, a programmer can use less line to create a  program is efficient, but what he mentioned to us is both difference thing, totally difference, how to compare? The worst thing is, he got 0 knowledge in programming..


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