Monday, 5 December 2011

Cheap Android Tablet

There are so many android tablet out there, from RM 300 - RM 1500 and above, and the upcoming Asus EEE transformer prime, no idea what's the price, using Nvidia Tegra 3, Quad core processor, that's mean QUAD Arm cortex A9. Hardware is extremely strong, same for Acer, they're planning to use Tegra 3 on their new tablet too. Why do you buy tablet? Is that a trend? or you really really need it? do you fully utilize your own tablet? phone? computer? I'll always ask myself a question before I want something, Do I really need it? Why I need it?
If you tell me that, you need tegra3, nice graphic, can play game. I would answer, play game? You can get PSP Vita, Quad core processor, much more better than current version of PSP, no longer play grandpa's generation game. That would be much more better for gaming :D

If you say that, you need it, for web browsing, document.
Why do you need a RM1500 device to surf net and view / edit document? These job doesn't require a super duper fast processor, I bet most of you own a phone, that is able to surf net, view document, android user, you can install document to go or some open office which is free, same for other platform, and also able to view PDF file, what's the reason you want an expensive tablet to view document. You also can use a cheap tablet to do presentation, platform is the same, just that hardware slightly difference.
Expensive tablet come with good camera, if you want to compare about megapixel of the tablet, I can get another 16mp digital camera that 100% beat the tablet camera, more function, better lens and sensor.
The expensive tablet will process files faster, do task faster. But 300 and 1500, 5:1 . Is it really worth the money? I saw one of the android tablet on the internet, it cost rm299, Ram only 512, 4GB storage, capable extend to 32GB. 800mhz processor, 2 x USB 2.0. support USB OTG. You can't insert sim card to the tablet, but you can connect USB Boardband to the USB port, WIFI, OR USB Convert to RJ45, connect to the internet via RJ45 cable.
I'm not the seller of the tablet, I'm just saying my own opinion, things appear in my mind when I saw that tablet.
We're human, we live for ourself, living is not hold a branded tablet and impress the other, we live for ourself, get what you need with a reasonable price :) 

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