Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gmail Notifier For Mozilla firefox add-on

Well, I've set my google account to the highest security setting, I've set up two step verification to login my account, that's mean, even through someone could have my email address and password, he or she still need to have my phone, to get the verification code whenever he/she wants to login my account. Last time I did set push email in my phone, so that I can get notification anytime, but it doesn't work with 2 step verification, so I didn't use it anymore, I choose security instead of convenience, and now I found an add-on for firefox which support 2 step verification, but the version of the notifier must be 2.6 and above, it's really work and pretty awesome, would like to share with you guys !
This is the website.
or you can search for gmail checker in the google!

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