Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Back to Blog.

Been a long time I didn't update my blog, neglected my blog for quite a long time because of busy with some other stuff.
Well Hello to all of my readers, I just sat for my MUET speaking test today, the topic isn't hard as I thought but I am not satisfy with my own performance, maybe a little too nervous.
The topic was which party is the best to prevent obesity among schoolchildren, Parents, School, Friends, and Mass Media.
Nothing much to write about the MUET speaking test, but good luck to everyone who're taking the test tomorrow and the coming days.
Anyway I found out something new when I was surfing net today, I was thinking to modify something on the laptop but it might void the warranty from manufacturer because need to solder the wire, so I did some research in the internet for hours, in the end I found out that there is one kind of special glue, it called 'wire glue', you can get it from Ebay, only cost around 6USD or 5.xx USD, it's cheap but I not sure whether it's available in Malaysia or not, why do they call it wire glue? because this glue is conductor product, mix with carbon, can use to repair most of the wires but not suitable for high current equipment.
That's all for today and will start to blog again !
See you guys,
Good night.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas is COMING !!!

you guys should try it too! 
go to and search 'let it snow'
and wait for 30seconds, you will see the same thing as the picture.

eBuddy XMS for Nokia N9, will it come for N900?

eBuddy XMS had release a version for Nokia N9, meego harmattan.
XMS is apps that alike whatsapp. Function is almost the same.
But it's totally free and also able to send from computer.
XMS for N9 is QT-based, N900 support QT based too.
Wondering this news is making me happy or disappoint.
Will it release for N900? Nobody know.
But well, it's a good news for N9 users ! :D

Earn money online with churpchurp

had used churpchurp for 3 or 4 days, I can't really recall 3 or 4 days. 
 Well it's much more better than nuffnang.
although it work with unique click only but you can share it on your facebook, twitter.
I've used nuffnang for month, only get Rm10.
This one get RM8.20 just 3 or 4 days.
 You can invite your friends after you register,
you can get RM1/sign up !
Click HERE if you wish to sign up

Friday, 16 December 2011

almost 3am, I'm having weird feeling, weird mood, don't feel like sleeping, although I'm tired, I don't know whats the reason. I bet it's something undefine. Have to busy with a lot of stuff in these coming weeks. Wanted to continue something that I had mention just now, about two step verification.
 My google account is very important to me, my google account has youtube, blogger, gmail, google docs, etc etc.. Nowadays google have more and more online application which bring us a lot of convenience, we can view and edit document files on google document, even prepare presentation slide by using google docs. Google account is getting more and more important. I'm strongly recommended you guys to activate two step verification for your account to avoid any loss.

2 step verification for google account

Time after time, we know that google is getting more and more online application on the internet, long long time ago, google is only a search engine, a huge database, in the old ages, yahoo is much more famous than google, i still can remember that last time i'll go to instead of
but now is already my home page, how many times i access to per day? It's uncountable. I guess I accesss to google is more than my own blog.
Okay now get to the point.
 I saw BLOGGER blog had been hacked by dex-crew. and the victim is HERE.
As the hacker mentioned in the blog, owner use same password for all of the account
If you have 2 step verification , that won't be a problem.
We know that google is getting bigger and bigger, google docs, youtube, blogger, you can access it by using your google account, so you SHOULD set up 2 step verification for your own good.
This is how does it look like when you login your account, even if someone got your password, they still need the code that send to your phone !
Unless they can get your phone? :)
 You can just turn on 2 step verification in your google profile.
Hope this is useful to you all.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tiring Day

I involved in business management project, me and my group mates are selling ice creams, we bought 90L of ice cream from nestle and also rent the freezer from nestle company. We will sell business for 3 days. Group project should be something fun and can get friends closer to each other cause we could spent longer time to be together.
But it's really damn tiring, CEO isn't a good planner, raining day still want to waste our time and sell ice creams, who wants to eat ice cream on raining? except me myself. :S
Got headache everyday after business project, bunch of assignment have to pass up, so damn a lot of due date.
On these days, I eat at least one ice cream a day
Super tiring,.
That's all for today.