Saturday, 17 December 2011

Earn money online with churpchurp

had used churpchurp for 3 or 4 days, I can't really recall 3 or 4 days. 
 Well it's much more better than nuffnang.
although it work with unique click only but you can share it on your facebook, twitter.
I've used nuffnang for month, only get Rm10.
This one get RM8.20 just 3 or 4 days.
 You can invite your friends after you register,
you can get RM1/sign up !
Click HERE if you wish to sign up


  1. ok i'will explain as simple as possible..
    here we go...
    first you need to sign up using my referal link.WHY?i'll add you in my team (in my website; so people will sign up using your link,of cource if that people interested)..

    (1000 point = 1$)
    after that,instal the program [1,4 mb]...after u install it, u will see a cashbar in the bottom of ur desktop.
    you dont need to click it,or close it,that cashbar give u points without doin anything.just online.[60 points/hour]

    why so small?
    but if you logging in ur account,you will see bonus menus...
    *click bonus [just click the ads and wait,u'll got 10 points,there is 13 ads/15hours]
    *bingo games [if u win in this game,u'll got lot of $]
    *wheelsurf game [if u win ,u got money]

    there is 10 levels of referal,each level you have 3 slot this

    if u have a lot of ref.u'll get a lot of ponts,all referal that used ur link will give it.
    "every referal x 60 minutes [minimal standby] = your points"

    88.572 Referral X 60 minute X 10% = 531.432 Point ($53.14)

    ***if u join my referal link "",if u/every u got 3 referal , i'll give u 500 it fair enough...


  2. churp ni mmg best bro..iklan adverlets pun x dpt hasil mcm buang terus iklan adverlets tu... hehehe