Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tiring Day

I involved in business management project, me and my group mates are selling ice creams, we bought 90L of ice cream from nestle and also rent the freezer from nestle company. We will sell business for 3 days. Group project should be something fun and can get friends closer to each other cause we could spent longer time to be together.
But it's really damn tiring, CEO isn't a good planner, raining day still want to waste our time and sell ice creams, who wants to eat ice cream on raining? except me myself. :S
Got headache everyday after business project, bunch of assignment have to pass up, so damn a lot of due date.
On these days, I eat at least one ice cream a day
Super tiring,.
That's all for today.


  1. just be patient and you can do it! nothing is easy when you engage in business. you really need perseverance and a lot of patience. and you know something it's better to own a business than to work on other peoples business and deal with A-hole bosses hehehe :-)

  2. Hello my friend. . .supporting you here. . .nice blog!