Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Testing Ubuntu 11.10

installing update in ubuntu
Ubuntu 11.10 start up
The previous time I used ubuntu is damn long ago, I think when I was in primary school or secondary school, at least 4 years ago. Ubuntu had changed a lot time after time, it became much more nicer, with a lot of effects, I can say that it's much prettier and cool than windows 7 if you know how to customize it. 
This video show you how to make the cube desktop in ubuntu.
This cube desktop is very very long ago, since the older version of ubuntu.
Ubuntu 11.10 is very very easy to use, good graphic user interface, come with software center, don't have to stress or worried about where to find software for ubuntu, and of course the most important thing to me is xterm, you can do all the things in xterm. copy files, remove files, go to specific directory, install stuff, etc.

I installed my ubuntu by using wubi, which is an exe file, just download and double click in your windows7 ,vista, xp and it will run, and make virtual partition, download and install. It's extremely easy and you can choose between windows or ubuntu everytime you start up your computer.
Other than that, if you wanted to delete ubuntu, you can just boot into your windows platform, go to control panel > add or remove software / uninstall a program > look for wubi and delete it.

Ubuntu is getting more and more popular, 2 years ago, computer in French police station had changed to Ubuntu and said saved millions of euro by adopting ubuntu. here is the LINK .

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