Saturday, 3 December 2011

Today special ! Ancient game!

I like to eat eggs! fried egg, soft boil, hard boil, steam, or whatever, I just like it. Ate 3 soft boil egg in the afternoon for my brunch! This brand is quite cheap, RM5.xx for 10 kampung eggs, kampung means village, kampung eggs is the egg grown at their own house or garden, or wild, not from the chicken in the farm. It taste nicer compare to the eggs from the farm, RM5.xx, size is quite big too ! Worth the money :D, still remember last time I bought 50cent / egg, the size is super tiny.
Game Game of the day
This is diablo 2 ! Just downloaded it today, I was too bored, It's a super old game, but nevermind ! play this while waiting for diablo 3 to release, this game release long time ago, but I don't really know how to play this game.. Tried to figure out how to play this game just now. I bet there are still a lot of people are playing this game, cause the multiplayer mode is awesome. The most attractive thing in games is multiplayer, can play with other player, work together to achieve something. That's is why people like multiplayer game that much.

Another new thing I had installed today!
This is dreamweaver, product of adobe. It's a web design application, the concept of this application is WYSIWYG, it stand for, What You See Is What You Get, had spend couple of mins on trying out this application, it is a licensed product, not freeware, I'm using 30days trial version. I feel this application is pretty user friendly for the newbie like me. At the same time, I remember that microsoft have same type of application, web design application, and also WYSIWYG concept. Recommended for those who wanted to try out web design. :D
Good night everyone, time to sleep. Have to go library tomorrow early in the morning. Sigh, another test on 7th of december, Physic, OMG! I really really hate it.

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