Sunday, 6 November 2011

Symbian vs android

I can see that most of my friends or people around me start to move to android device, but why? what's the reason? is it really that good? what about the previous champion? nokia? well it's still the champion in Q3 2011, sales 27.11%. still top sales among all the other company.

Most of the people I asked, Why you change android? They will say that, BECAUSE OF IT HAS A LOT OF APPS..
I was wondering.. You able to use all of the apps? Is it necessary to use so many apps? and can you use all of it? how many % of it you installed in your phone?

Me, I'm a student in information technology field, I couldn't say that I'm an expert in such things but according to my knowledge, or my personal opinion, symbian is more practical than android.

Why would I say that? Because symbian really did what end user need. Games, symbian have, angry bird? Dungeon hunter 2? Asphalt 6? Hero of sparta 2? Symbian support all of it.

But there is one different between symbian and android, SYMBIAN phone run these game won't lag, but android will. Android is too general, it's an open source operating system, it need very strong hardware to make it run smoothly. Samsung said that, galaxy s2 is the strongest smartphone in the world. YES I AGREE! In term of hardware. It is. But when it goes to software, asphalt 6, x7 is much more smoother than samsung galaxy s2. Why? because the installer of the game is special design for symbian phone. Android installer is different, it's too general for that much of phones.

Other than that, we can see that, android OS, google didn't mention about hardware requirement, but 600mhz phone able to run android smoothly? No it can't, now mid-range phone is up to 1.4Ghz dual core. Why nokia haven't up to that standard? Nokia is working on 1Ghz single core, but it can run smoothly.

Some people said, they need android phone, cause of apps, widget, but i did tried on nokia e7,  it's practical, it has the widget that we need, it have notification too, a widget on homescreen, provide same function as iOS5/android notification center. Some of the popular apps like whatsapp, foursquare, nokia phone also have. even s40 simple phone also have whatsapp.

Whats more? Why people around me all goes to android phone? what's the reason? I really can't understand. I did fall for android OS for a period of time, but I can feel that, it really need very good hardware to work smoothly. I didn't say Android is not a good OS, it's only my own opinion, it's good, just that it can't optimize all of the phone.

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