Thursday, 3 November 2011

had been lot of days I didn't update my blog already.
3rd of Nov, is a night, I don't know what to do,
wonder the decision I made is correct or not, feel empty, stress...

Feel like take cheese + ham + bread as my breakfast in campus,
but too bad, I don't have a refrigerator in the hostel and refri is not allowed due to the consumption of the
Friend told me there is something called USB fridge, I did research all over the internet,
found out some information,
USB fridge, they use it to cool down soda drinks or keep coffee or tea at warm condition.
this is the sample of diy usb fridge i get from the internet
the most important material of the fridge is peltier and heatsink.
how does it work?
peltier is a good conductor.
when electric apply to the peltier,
one side of the peltier will get hot and the other side of the peltier will get cold
the instruction shows that have to prepare 2 heatsink, one of the heatsink put on the hot side and another heatsink put on the cold side, the heatsink on the cold side helps the soda or cans drinks to chill down faster and the hot side heatsink is to decrease the temperature of the peltier so that the cold side can go to higher temperature and it will last longer.
I not sure what's the lowest temperature it can go.
but it's enough to keep a soda drinks or beer cold.
other than keep drinks cold. peltier also used to make mini fridge for cars or camping fridge, its noiseless and no need to refill gas.
environment friendly.
at the same time i found out something interesting when I'm doing research for the mini fridge, I found out some of the extreme overclocker use it to cold down the processor and graphic processing unit.
Saw it on a forum, temperature drops to 7degree celcius when the processor is idling.
They put it between the processor and the heatsink, not sure how they connect the wire for current.
that's all for now i guess.

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