Friday, 4 November 2011

lazy day

today is a lazy day. feel lazy to on my netbook to update my blog. so i decided to use my cellphone to update my blog since my cellphone able to do full browsing like computer.
today i had tried out symbian three.. which is symbian anna.
the last symbian i use was symbian sixty version three..
and symbian sixty version five is almost the same as version three just that it has the touchscreen function.
most of the malaysian had naglected symbian phones because of ios, android and blackberry are getting more and more popular.
my cousins bought a few unit of nokia e seven.
tried out the new symbian anna.
it awesome, nice display, nice homescreen. got plenty of widget.
although it dont have that much apps like android and iphone have but at least its better than android, with slow processor able to load the os very smooth. no lag at all.
iphone4s has the siri function and e7 also have similar function.
which is vlingo. 
i tried the apps, its really useful and easy to understand your command.
e7 is an awesome phone but the only disadvantages is the camera of the phone is fixed focus. although it has 8mp but it dont have auto focus.
too bad..
symbian really have a big improvement after times..

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