Wednesday, 16 November 2011

An interesting speech

Had attended an interesting speech in this morning, it's compulsory for all of the student in faculty in information technology.
The speech is given by the CEO of netcarbon studio, creator of SUPERTOTS!
Had gain a lot of new knowledge about animation and also some of the knowledge about games design, how does motion capture work ( the way they create avatar)..
Too bad, this studio is located in Malaysia,
Nobody is going to give them $$ to do animation,
They have to go around the world to purpose their idea to the other and get sponsership from other company.
They spent 2.8m MYR on SUPERTOTS, its only 13 episode. and spend 11days on rendering the whole animation with 80 cores computer..
Netcarbon is a very nice company for those who're interested in animation design in malaysia.
It's located in Bangi, a small town in selangor malaysia.

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