Friday, 4 November 2011

NOT to install CSSU on n900!!

I used CSSU on my n900 for very long time, couple days ago, my friend told me that there is an update for n900, so i asked him that whether it's nokia official update or it's CSSU update, he told me that it's nokia update and asked me to delete CSSU cause it has bug, i just ignore about his advice.

And today i try GPS on my n900 again, I unable to lock my position no matter how long I wait, it's not the first time for me to face this problem. So I went to to find solution, found a thread, somebody said that his gps is working after he delete CSSU.

Well, so I tried to delete my CSSU by using x-terminal but failed.
So I decided to format my phone and reinstall everything.
After i reformat my phone and I try to test on GPS again.
Location : In the Room
Weather : Cloudy
GPS : N900 internal GPS

GPS lock speed was awesome, I could lock my own position in NO TIME , just within 5second, I'm able to lock my own position without AGPS!

Encourage all of the N900 user to delete the CSSU, although it's good but it really bring troubles to our n900.

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