Thursday, 13 October 2011

Abortion pill sold openly in Malaysia.

In the recent days, more and more people sharing photos about abortion in facebook.
Abortion is illegal in Malaysia, but some of the plan parentshood clinic are still doing this.
But WORST thing is, there are abortion pill in the market.
Misoprostol is available in Malaysia, it's only prescribe as gastric ulcer medicine(Cytotec), but it's also able to end early pregnancy.
With some research on the internet, some of them able to get it from pharmacy without prescription.
Government should put more attention on this kind of medicine to avoid the amount of abortion.

I'm just an ordinary blogger, I doesn't encourage anyone to do abortion, but the choice is in your hand, anything please refer to doctor and don't take action by yourself. People around you is always willing to help you get through hardship.

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